Circus Mode

The Circus mode is, simply put, a lottery mode. Each time a threshold of funding is reached in the Sphere’s common pool, it triggers a randomized invitation to a performer or a group of performers previously approved by the Sphere community to produce a new artwork entirely funded by The Sphere. In other words: any performing artist involved in The Sphere can all of a sudden receive a grant to create whatever work they want, just for participating in The Sphere.

This mode of functioning is predicated on the overall health and growth of The Sphere ecosystem. Indeed, every time an artwork in The Sphere ecosystem generates revenues or collects funding, a percentage is automatically directed to the Sphere’s common pool. The circus mode is thus fundamentally commons-oriented. It demonstrates the coherence and capacities of The Sphere as a self-sustaining mechanism of funding distribution, directly and tangibly making the success of one performance a catalyst for working opportunities for the entire community. Think of the Circus mode as the Sphere’s self-expressive performance metric - every artwork produced in this way stands as a collective proof-of-celebration of the liveliness of the whole ecosystem.

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