General Overview

Collecting live art is a bit of a paradox. How can you collect something that only exists in the moment? How can you make it live forever? Beyond following performance artists’ social media accounts, there are only a few ways in which you can actually invest in Live Art. Until now.

Inspired by Primavera de Filippi’s Plantoid, a digital life-form that feeds on cryptocurrencies and reproduces autonomously, the Sphere’s Digital Soul works as an automated reservoir – a digital common pool – for capital accumulation and direct distribution to future artists.

When you invest in The Sphere's Digital Soul, you not only support the work of artists you love: you become part of the artwork itself. You become part of an expanding network of live art production that embeds its own capacity for sustainable self-growth. You hold space for future performances to take place. In a word: you get a piece of an emergent and groundbreaking – or rather, terraforming? – Live Art Network Derivative (LAND).

The Digital Soul distributes funding according to two distinct modes: circus mode and curation mode. Both modes of operations are radically innovative, commons-oriented and playful in their effects and possibilities. These two modes of collection and distribution of funding are facilitated by a hard-coded web 3.0 digital infrastructure, the Karmic Engine (more about it below).

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