The Megavote

The second way to engage with the Sphere Metagallery and Digital Soul Offering is through The Sphere Megavote. The Megavote is an exciting way to support the artists presenting in The Sphere Metagallery and already includes hundreds of circus aficionados coming from our extended network of European circus partners.

We have created the Megavote as a way to allow a maximum number of people to participate in the Sphere’s ecosystem and feel some sparkles of crypto-circassian joy, even those without a crypto-wallet. Indeed, together with Black Swan DAO, we’ve been developing a very neat Discord compatible quadratic voting app that will allow everyone to participate in this democratic funding allocation experiment. The app will allow everyone one to carefully evaluate the artistic proposals that will have been submitted to create derivative iterations. Lots of collective effervescence ahead!

Through a quadratic voting process happening during a 1 month time window following the opening of the Metagallery (ending at the end March 2022), the public is invited to select which one out of the six initial seed performances will be granted pre-budgeted funding from The Sphere.

The Sphere is offering €10.000 to the winner of this initial Megavote, in addition to whatever sum will have been funneled through the Karmic Engine. Moreover, The Sphere’s official partners are also offering residencies and will be hosting future international presentations of the laureate’s show. Quite a neat package already!

Immediately after this initial selection process, we will issue a new call to circus artists from all over Europe to produce 2 derivative artworks directly inspired by the Megavote laureate’s seed performance. This time frame corresponds to what we call the Incubation Phase. These proposals will also get €10.000 each on top of the funding coming from invested audiences engaging with the Karmic Engine. The second Megavote deciding over this second round of Sphere funding will happen sometime in August 2022.

Note: after the initial Megavote window is closed, all exhibited artworks in the Metagallery remain open for funding for 2 more weeks (until mid-April). Our hope is that a fair amount of participants in the Megavote will appreciate The Sphere enough to take a step into the web3 world. With our support of course! The Sphere team will facilitate all the active voters' onboarding to the web 3 infrastructure with workshops and support throughout April 2022.

BTW: anyone who has funded one or several of the artworks in The Metagallery or just invested directly in The Sphere Common Pool is considered an invested audience. As such, they are most welcome to participate in the Megavote. Just make sure to join our Discord!

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