The Metagallery

The Sphere Metagallery is the 3D portal that gives access to the digital representations of the live artworks. It has been created by Steven Bachedler 3D studio, in close collaboration with the artists.

The artworks exhibited in the Metagallery are not simply objects to be contemplated. They are NFT-augmented seed performances pointing toward an open-ended future, initial fragments to be taken up by other artists for transformative iterations. Everyone is invited to contribute to this collective adventure in the making – are you ready to get some differential skin in the game and interact with our specially crafted web 3.0 Karmic Engine to initiate a new cycle of creative collaboration?

As an audience, you can interact with the Sphere’s Digital Soul Offering in at least two ways.

First, you can directly invest in one of the six seed performances. For that, you will need to use a digital wallet and spend some crypto (we will be happy to assist you if you don’t have experience with this process, come join us on our The Sphere Discord channel!) (see Karmic Engine section below for more details about what this will entail)

Just as in the circus mode described above, once a seed performance has reached a pre-fixed threshold of funding, it will automatically set a bounty for future artists to engage with it and allow them to make artistic proposals for new derivative iterations. For this initial karmic cycle campaign, we set the funding window to last until mid-April 2022. From then on and until the end of August 2022, there will be an incubation phase (see below) in which any artist interested in turning the bounty into a derivative live artwork will be invited to make a proposal to this effect. The incubation phase will last until the end of August (exact date to be determined), roughly coinciding with the Second Megavote (see below).

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