Curation Mode

The Sphere ecosystem’s main objective is to support the production of derivative live artworks, that is: the mixing and remixing, or rather, the versioning and reversioning of previous works into new creative iterations. Every artwork displayed in the Sphere Metagallery is to be conceived of as a processual prompt for future iterations – we call them seed performances. As such, each artwork possesses its own web 3.0 contract address and can directly receive funding (more about the funding campaign below).

Basically, when you invest in one of the seed performances, you receive a proportional amount of shares in the form of KARMIC tokens. These ERC-1155 tokens are a type of NFT. They grant you governance capacities over the evolution of the seed performance into derivative iterations (mainly through allocation of funding). These NFTs are also evolutive, as they are designed to visually accompany the transformation of the seed performances into new artworks.

Think of these evolutive NFTs as temporal vehicles or karmic vessels for the digital afterlife of performances. Each collaboration that effectively leads to a derivative iteration will be duly recorded in the evolutive NFT’s metadata. This modification in the evolutive NFT metadata happens within the Karmic Engine. It will automatically transform the NFT’s appearance, thus expressing the new underlying composition of the artwork. The NFTs in the Sphere ecosystem are thus operating both as markers of provenance, and as a registry of every successive artful transmutation of each seed performance. As such, they represent an evolving fragment of the Sphere’s Live Art Network Derivative in formation.

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